Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Second Home Study Go-Around

We had our second of three home study meetings this morning at Bethany Christian Services' office, and it went really well. The first meeting, last month, was a big get-to-know-you-apart-from-your-paperwork type of session. Today's meeting delved specifically into the health and quality of our marriage as we prepare to adopt a baby. It was actually really uplifting and encouraging to be asked such direct questions about the ways that we love and support each other, as well as the areas that we need to work on. Tara and I have been married for three and a half years now and just when I think I've got her all figured out, she goes and surprises me somehow. And that's just one of the greatest things about being married. I guess you just never have it all figured out until...well, I guess until death do you part. Sorry to sound morbid, but hey, it's in the vows. I didn't make this stuff up.

But I digress.

Our social worker politely apologized a few times for having to ask all sorts of personal, and sometimes very challenging and soul-searching questions about our marriage, but in actuality, it's really healthy and good for all parties involved. To be honest, I'm still a little bit perplexed at how many people still ask me if we have problems with the "interrogations" of the process. My response is always that the agency is responsible for helping birth-parents get matched up with the best adoptive parents possible to raise the child as their own. If the agency didn't want to know everything about us, I'd be a little worried! (A word to the wise, if you're thinking about adopting: be honest about the good, bad, and the ugly in your own life and deal with your crap NOW, not later!)

Our third home study meeting -- which will take place at our house -- is scheduled for February 9th. We've still got some baby-proofing to do before then. We're also in the middle of some really helpful and informative books, which are required to be read before the home study sessions are complete. These books will undoubtedly help us shape some major upcoming parenting decisions. But that's a blog entry for another day...


  1. yeah for completion of home study #2 and being another step closer to baby atchison!!! let us know if we can help in any way! ie: we have covers for outlets and "locks" for cabinets you guys can have to help get you started. we probably have other stuff too! just let us know!!! :)

  2. Haha... baby proofing!!!

    The funny thing is, the older they get, the smarter you have to be about it, because they WILL get in there - one way or another!

    For example: we've had actually rig all our kitchen cabinets with mini pad-locks (I'm not even joking/exaggerating about this) and store the keys high out of reach (on a nail situated in the wall above even OUR heads!) or else he will get into the cabinets. We're just happy he hasn't figured a way to climb up and get the keys... yet. He already knows that keys open locks and has escaped via the front door that way to go visit the neighbors' dog - luckily they're on the same block so he's not trying to cross any streets!

    I don't care what the manuals say... once the kid's mobile, if YOU can get into it, THEY can get into it - only way to baby-proof it then is to make sure YOU CANT get into it! LOL Good luck!