Monday, February 15, 2010

Home Study Complete!

A major component of our adoption process has been completed! Last Tuesday, we had our third and final home study session; this last one took place at our house. Our case worker looked through each room of our house for anything potentially child-hazardous and to make sure we had hot water and flushing toilets! That was the funniest part..."Ok, I need to flush a toilet please."

Long story short, our house has been deemed safe for children.

We spent the next two hours at our dining room table going over a lot of detail regarding parenting itself -- discipline, finances, child care, etc. It was intense. Good, but intense. We've been talking to a lot of our friends and family members with young kids about their various parenting styles, so we have a lot of good information at our disposal with which to make informed decisions when we have a son or daughter.

It's a tremendous relief to have completed the home study process. Welcome to the show, the fun's really about to begin!


  1. Thanks Carissa! We appreciate your excitement for us. =)