Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Wait Begins!

A major milestone has been reached:

As of today, we are officially in the "waiting" phase of the adoption process!

(Big exhale!) Simply being able to wait never sounded so good.

As we've written about in numerous past blog entries, the past year has seen us tackle huge amounts of paperwork, background checks, and home study meetings. During that time, as people would naturally ask us if we are expecting to get a call to adopt a baby any day, our response was always a resounding "No...we're not at that stage yet."

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been working on a massive eight-page family profile that pretty much describes everything about who we are, our daily lives, our home, our jobs, and yes...our dog. (Massive thanks to our friend, Chris H. who did most of the program-based work of actually creating it according to our vision). This profile, which was submitted to our agency yesterday, will now be shown to multiple pregnant birth-parents, who will view them in order to determine who they would like to meet as potential matches to adopt their baby once he or she is born.

To set the record straight about one thing, this will not be some ten-year sob story waiting game like the media wants you to believe, so please get that nonsense out of your mind if you happen to be thinking it. As we've all been reminded of lately, adoption stories in the news are almost all negative and magnify the few situations gone wrong rather than laud the vast majority of healthy, successful adoptive placements. So while we don't think it'll be tomorrow, it shouldn't be too long.

So, after all the grunt work we've done over the past year, it's a relief to finally answer the million dollar question: Yes, we are now eligible to get a phone call from our agency, at any time, that a birth-parent would like to meet us for a potential adoptive placement! :)

My man-cave is about to turn into a nursery...


  1. Your man-cave is about to delegated to a more cave-like environment: the basement! haha :)

  2. That's so great! I am just a follower... found your blog through a friend of a friend. My husband and I live in Fishtown also, with our 2-month old son. We heard about your fundraiser at Ida Mae's and went out to support you. Though se've never met, we were touched by your story. It's so great that you are now in the next phase and could get a call any time now. We'll be praying that you won't have to wait very long for your baby. Good luck converting the man cave!

  3. Nancy, thanks so much for your comment, it was extremely encouraging to us. Thanks also for coming out to the Ida Mae's event. It's really awesome to meet people in this way and I hope telling our story is of benefit to others. Thanks again for your shout out!

  4. Also, hope you can make it out to the music event on June 19th at 2424 Studios! Would love to meet you and your husband.