Monday, June 21, 2010

Benefit Concert Recap

This past Saturday, we hosted the Atchison Adoption Benefit Concert, at 2424 Studios. We'd been planning this event for the better part of a year, but due to logistics and scheduling conflicts, it had to be pushed back several times. The event allowed us to raise over $400 dollars, which was awesome, and also allowed me to finally showcase a bunch of songs I'd written, and just have a good time playing music on stage with some very talented friends.

The night started out with music by Will Chambers and his group, Old Love. Afterwards, my friends Grant Hollis (djembe), Laura Winchell (vocals), and I (vocals, guitar) took the stage. A few days before this show, I developed some sort of throat irritation and a bit of a cough. Perfect timing, right? To remedy this, I went up on stage with a bottle of honey and -- I kid you not -- took a swig before every song. I think this really grossed some people out, but it helped my irritated throat reach 100% range capacity. Whatever it takes...

One of my favorite songs to play was one that I wrote called "Little Girl, Little Boy" which is about our future children. Unlike a couple having a biological child, the waiting game for us looks a lot different. We aren't able to look at any ultrasound pictures and we're not able to feel anything kicking inside Tara's belly (unless she's got indigestion or something...) While this can be frustrating, we still feel a tremendous amount of love for our future children and simply look forward to all the things we're going to do and experience with them. And in no particular order, we're looking forward to adopting a girl and a boy, hence the title of the song.

The highlight of the night, as I'm sure all in attendance would agree, was when my buddy Phil came up on stage to sing "Head Over Feet" by Alanis Morrisette to his girlfriend Betsy. You see, Phil and I, in addition to being friends at the same church, also work in the same building and have lunch together from time to time. And well, some very silly things have a tendency to come out of our lunches together. One day, a few weeks back, as we were having lunch on a really swelteringly hot day, Phil decided to do a spot on Alanis impression for me. After a few moments of doing impressions, we somehow birthed the bright idea that he should come up and sing "Head Over Feet" to Betsy. So I went home, learned the song on the guitar, and after a few practices, we were ready to go...complete with Phil doing a harmonica solo! When it came time for the actual performance, Phil didn't disappoint, and Betsy, to her credit, actually stayed in the room and received it well. I think when all was said and done, Phil "won Betsy over, in spite of him."

(Watch video of "Head Over Feet" at the bottom of this entry)

In getting this show ready, I would be completely out of line if I didn't throw an enthusiastically grateful shout out to all the amazing college students who are interning at liberti church this summer. These students selflessly gave of their time and energy before, during, and after the event, and I couldn't be more grateful! Thank you also to Kurt Ro, who set up "Kurt's Cafe" and sold lattes throughout the night. Thank you to Dan Schultz for running the sound (by all accounts, it was mixed perfectly!) Thank you to Bethany DePoy, who designed the flyer for the show. And of course, thank you to Laura, Grant, Will, and Joe for giving of their time and talents.

And thank you to all the rest of you who contributed by helping out at the event and/or coming out to the show. Your support is extremely heartwarming...and I hope you enjoyed the music!

Video - "Head Over Feet"