Friday, August 13, 2010

With a Little Help From Our Friends...

If you know us at all, you know that Alan and I are, indeed, people-people. Although, like the rest of humanity, we need personal alone time every once in a while to be rejuvenated, we generally receive life and are energized by being around others and getting to know new people. During this adoption process, it has been particularly energizing and encouraging for us to meet other couples who have adopted, are currently in the adoption process, or are thinking about adopting in the future. It's naturally helpful to share this part of ourselves in common with others because adoption, though growing in popularity, education, and understanding, is still not too common in our society.

During our home study meetings, we were presented with the option of meeting with another couple also adopting through Bethany Christian Services for the purpose of friendship and support. As you can imagine, Alan and I jumped at this opportunity to connect with another couple in this way! Meet new friends who are forming their family through adoption as well, you say? Heck yes!

Our social worker must be super intuitive. She introduced us to a couple she thought "we'd get along well with," and in hanging out two times already, I have just been so beyond-words, thankful for these new friends that have entered our lives. Last Friday night we had them over for pizza and a Phillies game and it felt as if we were spending time with friends we'd known for much longer than just a couple of months! It's amazing to me how shared experiences -- in this case adoption and similar infertility stories -- can so easily and quickly forge a meaningful friendship. These new friends are evidence to me of God's provision, love, and care for us in our lives, especially during this waiting season that can sometimes feel particularly lonely and difficult. I speak for both Alan and myself in saying that we are both looking forward to hopefully many more shared memories with this couple and our future kids who we know God will faithfully bless us with, just as he has blessed us with not only these new friends, but a community of friends who we call family.